• The Lodge was founded on 4th May 1818 in Ferry-port-on-Craig (now known as Tayport). “Tay Union” was the local name for the “Royal Fifeshire Union Stagecoach Line” that ran from Pettycur on the Forth to the Tay Ferry at Woodhaven. A number of stagecoach employees were present at the founding meeting in November 1817 and it was agreed to request a charter with the title “TAY UNION”.
  • The charter was granted, dated 4th May 1818, and the founding ceremony was held in the “inn beside the pond” (now known as the Tayport Arms). Grand Lodge was represented by Bro. John Hay Younger W.G.W. For some years the Lodge met in the Tayport Arms, and at a later date in the “Auld Hoose”, both these inns having has a Mason’s Room. It was usual at the time for Lodges to meet in licenced premises. Some time later, meetings were held in a hall in Broad Street, Tayport, which is referred to in “Old Tayport History” as the Masons Hall.
  • In 1859 the Lodge moved to a meeting place beside the Gas Works in Newport and thereafter was known as Lodge Tay Union, Newport. Old records show that in 1823 the Lodge was present at the laying of the foundation stone of Newport Pier. The ceremony was by Lord Panmure, the Provincial Grand Master of East Scotland.
  • The Lodge was also represented in 1831 at the laying of the foundation stone of the Earl Grey Dock in Dundee by the Grand Master Mason of Scotland, Bro. Lord Kinnaird.
  • In 1842, at the centenary of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross, Lodge Tay Union No. 273 was listed as present.
  • In 1883 nine members of Tay Union attended the funeral of the Rev. Dr Thomson of Forgan Church, the Provincial Grand Chaplain.
  • In 1885 Bro. Norval Scrymgeour was installed as R.W.M. and meetings were held until 1899, but as no records were sent to Grand Lodge, the Lodge was declared dormant in 1900.
  • In 1924 a move was made by Bro. Thomas Bruce R.W.M. of Lodge St Michael No. 246 to reopen the dormant Tay Union Lodge. He approached Bro. John W. Callaghan, P.M. of Lodge Dundee St Mary No. 1149, who resided in Wormit. A meeting was called and took place on 30th June 1924 and a petition for resuscitation was made. Bro. John Turnbull, who was R.W.M. from 1872 to 1876, was present (aged 90 years) and signed the petition.
  • The application was successful and Lodge Tay Union No. 273 re-opened in Newport on the 25th October 1924 when Bro. John W. Callaghan was installed as R.W.M. by the Rt Hon. The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine C.M.G. The Provincial Grand Master of Fife and Kinross. The use of the St Mary ritual by the Lodge dates back to Bro. Callaghan.
  • For some years the Lodge met in the Congregational Church Hall in Newport.
  • In 1950, premises (a former tearoom) in Newport High Street were leased and regular meetings were held there until the lease expired in 1969.
  • For the next two years, the Lodge made use of the Lesser Blyth Hall and the Congregational Church Hall.
  • In 1969, Bro. J. Bruce Lindsay R.W.M. suggested that the Lodge take over the Wormit Hall. The Hall was in a poor state of repair and on sale at a valuation of £750. At the time, the Lodge could not afford to buy the Hall and also borrow capital to put the Hall in order, so a contract was arranged that the Lodge would rent the Hall at £75 per annum for ten years, at which point it would then have the option to purchase it at the 1969 valuation of £750.
  • Much capital and labour was put into the structural alteration, renovation and decoration and, on 11th September 1972, the new Lodge Room in Wormit was consecrated by The Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro. Lord Elgin D.L. J.P. B.A.
  • In 1979, the Lodge Room on Mount Stewart Road, Wormit, became the property of Lodge Tay Union No. 273, being purchased at the contract price of £750.

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