The following are Brethren of Lodge Tay Union who have had the honour of serving on the Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross


Bro. John B. Irons P.M. (deceased)


After many years of service in Provincial Grand Lodge he was appointed Depute Provincial Grand Master of Fife and Kinross. At a later date he was honoured by Grand Lodge with an Honorary Rank.


The Rev. Albert P. Bogie M.A. F.S.A. Scot.


Provincial Grand Chaplain 1968-71, Provincial Senior Grand Chaplain 1972-79. Also held office on Grand Lodge – Junior Grand Chaplain 1977-78, Senior Grand Chaplain 1978-79.


Bro. Kenneth N. Cunningham P.M.


Held office on Provincial for six years, attaining the office of Inner Guard, but had to relinquish office due to business commitments.


Bro. Robert Irvine P.M. (deceased)


Had served on Provincial since 1989. Held the office of Provincial Grand Steward.

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